Monday, June 14, 2010

a little bragging

Ate the first tomato (an Early Girl) and the first radish from the garden.  Both thinly sliced & lightly salted.  Used the peppery radish as the "bread" and the tomato as the filling.  Yummmmmmy.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Spring Cleaning

After years of reading Real Simple Magazine's handy tips about organizing, scanning books about clutter, and watching TV shows like Clean House -- we've finally stopped philosophizing and taken action!  The first step was a garage sale in May followed by a small Good Will donation.  But the BIGGEST step (for us anyway) is addressing our enormous CD collection. 

It started with an email from that tipped me off to ipodmeister.  If you have hundreds of CDs, like we do, you can send them to ipodmeister and, in exchange, they'll send you some nifty gadgets (like ipods & ipads).  This led us to do a deep dive into our CD's.  We wanted to pull out 800 CD's so we could get an iPad.  We got to about 650 with very few hair-pulling decisions.  When we started doing the math, we realized that if we'd stop being lazy we could sell them on eBay and probably make a small fortune!  So that's what we've done. 

For the next four weeks or so we're going to list the 650+ CD's on ebay.  If you're interested in helping us slim our footprint and raise some $$ for our garden...or if you just want to pick up some inexpensive new music, click here