Friday, April 24, 2009

The Map of Our Garden

Here's the "plans" for our garden. I'm pretty sure they're indecipherable to anyone but us. What's fantastic about this document (to me, anyway) is how functional it was. We played with a few different shapes for the garden and ultimately settled on this E-shape.

We put the veggie plants where it seemed logical. We did some research in the incredibly helpful book "The Gardener's A-Z Guide to Growing Organic Food". The info is laid out simply and is easy for either quick reference or a deeper read. It says what food are good or bad to grow together.

We have beans and peas along the back wall. In front of the beans, tomatoes (those are the red blobs). Running the length of the garden, in front of the tomatoes will be our watermelon. One section of the "E" is dedicated to squash. The middle section is strawberries, radishes, and carrots. Lastly, peppers and eggplant.
I'm excited to for mid-July when we'll be able to see how our map compares to the real deal!

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