Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sun-Drying Tomatoes

We're drowning in tomatoes!  It's that awesome, frantic moment when they all come in at once.  If we were slightly better planners we'd stagger the planting times of our plants so they didn't all come in at once...but we're not!

We planted twelve different varieties of tomatoes this year.  One of them is Principe Borghese, the traditional Italian tomato for sun-drying.  We harvested a nice big bowl (with more to come) and are presently attempting to dry them.

We don't have the patience to actually lay them in the sun so into the oven they went, to roast at 200 degrees for many many hours.   We sliced them lengthwise, laid them out on a tray covered with parchment paper, drizzled a little olive oil on them, and shoved them in the oven.

After 5+ hours of roasting, they're getting nice and dry but could definitely use another hour.

Next post: we'll let you know how they taste!

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